What is it worth?

By Feed the Teacher Team

Often enough, teachers will lose their students because the students do not understand the impact that the content will have on their lives. As well, students may not be able to relate to the content. It may surprise you, but even your “worst” students may show scholarly indicators after they are convinced that the material is worth knowing.¬† One idea to help your students to “buy in” to the content¬† is to reserve 1-2 minutes of the lesson to discuss where students might see the content in their lives. For example, phase changes in chemistry are everywhere. The boring example is boiling water. The fun examples are how Subzero utilizes liquid nitrogen to make their ice cream. Speaking of sub zero, did you know that at sub zero temperatures, water vapor can deposit onto roads and cars via deposition, creating a dangerous layer of ice!

Reflect: How can you help your students to connect with and “buy in” to your next lesson?

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