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Top 5 Pieces of Advice for Teachers with Refugee ELL Students

By FeedtheTeacher With refugees at the border as the headline of many news stories and articles, we thought that it is only fitting that we remind teachers how we can better serve refugee families in our classrooms. Every teacher has ...
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My Proposed Assessment System

By Reuben Benzel As a teacher, one of my central philosophies in each course that I teach it to tell my students what exactly they need to do to be successful in my course. I tell my students that I ...
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Solving Guns in Schools: Thoughts from a Real Educator

By Ruth Fritch I don’t know the answer, but in my 38 years of teaching over 1200, mostly third graders, I do know this. I met many educators who are dedicated to a better future for our children. Not just ...
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What is it worth?

By Feed the Teacher Team Often enough, teachers will lose their students because the students do not understand the impact that the content will have on their lives. As well, students may not be able to relate to the content ...
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